How to Be Successful in Business: 3 Secrets to Business Success

Do you find it hard to relax as an entrepreneur? Running a business is hard work: even rest is stressful because you dread the work that awaits. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar shop, offer online services, or freelance as a digital nomad, you’re an entrepreneur. And entrepreneurs always think about what’s next on the to-do list.

But do you ever feel like you’ve been working without any rewards? You’re not the only one. Most businesses need 3-4 years to become profitable. Maybe you’re in the early stages of a startup. Or you’ve been around for a while and have felt stagnant. You look at your competitors and wonder how to be successful in business when your endless grinding isn’t cutting it.

Here’s the thing: you can have a great business model and still be unsuccessful. I’ve met countless clients who make enough to run their businesses in expensive cities like LA but still feel like something’s missing. That’s why I teach people how to find the stillness required to achieve success in life and work.

How do you experience large or small business success that feels meaningful?

First off, loosen that jaw and relax your forehead muscles. I know you’re holding tension there with all the stress. It’s time to let go because it isn’t serving you or your goals.

Take your mind outside of your daily business tasks just for a few minutes. Today, I’ll share the 3 things that make a business successful. With these in place, you’ll make strides to blast through the impasse or scale your business to the next level.

3 Tips on How to Be Successful in Business

So, what is the secret of success in business? Spoiler: it involves hard work and meditation. Let’s dive into 3 secrets to business success and how stillness helps along the way!

1.   Be Fearlessly Yourself

I know, I know: it sounds cliché. I thought so too when I was first offered this advice for my business. You want to sell your product and be professional without over-sharing. But authenticity in business isn’t about revealing emotions; it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. Being confident.

I’ll tell you something. People can sniff ingenuity from a mile away, especially if they’re purchasing a product. Being authentic in business means finding ways to let your true self shine and encouraging your staff to do the same. It means adding a compassionate element to your communications, even if you’re selling.

Be honest to your employees or colleagues about your shortcomings, rather than pretending to be perfect. Encourage your team to express themselves instead of condemning anything that deviates from the norm. And – don’t lie to your customers or clients. Make your sales pitch transparent, and outline the pros and cons of each, so customers trust you.

Authenticity is vital to success, whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur. Organizational psychology experts found that leaders who encouraged employees to express themselves at work had more authentic teams and businesses, resulting in greater success.

If you feel like you lack the confidence to be yourself at work, meditation can help. After trudging through society’s noise or internal doubts, you’re left with your authentic self, dreams, desires, and goals. With that clarity, it’s easier to set boundaries and focus on what’s important.


Pro tip: Start your meditation practice with some reflective questions:


  • What would you say if you weren’t worried about what others think?
  • What matters most to you?
  • What are you afraid of?


Authenticity invites success in every work environment. But you’ll need something else to tackle daily business problems.

2.   Be Solution-Oriented

How many problems do you have to solve each day as a business owner? An angry customer, absent employee, late delivery… so much can go wrong in a few hours.

Successful people in business don’t just focus on the problem. So, then, how do you become a successful business person if you struggle to find solutions?

You can’t. But you can learn to be a better problem-solver. Part of what makes a business successful is how it responds to issues.

Entrepreneur John Rampton describes solution-oriented people as the most successful, able to see the bigger picture. They imagine long-term solutions for growth, rather than immediately gratifying, short-term fixes to problems.

Think of it this way: when sharing information with clients, don’t just tell them about the problem. They’re paying YOU to come up with the solution, not to ask them for one. Be curious about the problem and think about ways to address it before presenting it.

Can you find solutions in meditation? Absolutely. You might experience some hiccups when you first start meditating. So, you’ll try different positions, locations, and opening exercises to find your groove. Trust me, my first time meditating was anything but smooth.

But as a businessperson, you know that nothing comes easy. But with enough time, dedication, and commitment, you become master of your craft.

Authenticity? Check. Solutions? Check. Next up:

3.   Tackle Tasks Head-On

Do you procrastinate? Join the club — it’s easy to stream an episode of your favorite show or scroll on Instagram instead of tackling your important to-dos. But there’s something profound going on when we avoid things.

Business success means jumping into the unknown. You can’t grow without learning more about your customers, partners, stakeholders, and industry trends. But humans sometimes avoid learning new information. Scientists attribute this avoidance to a perceived loss of self-efficacy and control.

Have you ever avoided a business task because you didn’t know exactly what to do? Instead of asking for help, you put it off until it becomes uncomfortable.

Here’s my most important advice on how to be successful in business: learn to let go of what you can’t control and just start today! Meditation helps me with that every morning. I learn to let go of unproductive thoughts and take things for what they are.

Meditation will get you in the right headspace to tackle tasks head-on. But to avoid overwhelm, follow these steps:


  • Write out your top 3 to-dos for the day. Prioritize the most important at the top.
  • Tackle the hardest one, then give yourself a break before moving down the list.
  • Reward yourself with a walk outside, or a tasty snack.


Often, we look at the big picture of our to-dos, and that’s too intimidating. Focusing on 2-3 tasks each day, rather than all of them at once, which can lead to paralysis by analysis.

How to Be Successful in Business: Start with Stillness!

Business success means showing up every day willing to learn, work, and be yourself. Trust me, I know how hard it is to maintain business operations – but I promise you, it’s even harder without stillness to ground and center you.

In my Stillness to Success course, I give business owners the tools to meditate and uncover their true goals in life. That peace trickles down like dominoes into the authenticity, curiosity, and eagerness required to be successful in business!

Take a deep breath and let out a loud, refreshing sigh. You’ve already come this far, and I know more success awaits you. Connect with me to figure out your quickest path for how to be successful in business.

“There’s a famous business phrase: ‘Work smarter, not harder.’ I think that is really what meditation has done for me.

-Marnie Abramson, CEO

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