What Services Does a Life Coach Offer? 5 Key Life Coaching Services

How long has it been since you planned your next move? Don’t worry if you can’t remember — life has a way of distracting us from our dreams with things we think are more important. One solution for getting back on track is life coaching. But what services does a life coach offer to uncover your path to success?

The best life coach tailors programs to meet your personality, schedule, and needs. I take my time getting to know my clients before mapping out the way forward, both in my coaching and Stillness to Success course

Many life coach books describe the practice as life-changing, so I want to share why. What are coaching services that actually bring value to your life? Today, I’ll touch upon the essential services you’ll get from a life coach online or in person. 

What Services Does a Life Coach Offer?

Life coaches often package their services with flowery testimonials, life-changing promises, and of course, appealing marketing tactics. Remember, there isn’t a government-regulated life coaching certification that distinguishes “qualified” life coaches. 

You’ll have to rely on your gut most of the time. 

So, what services does a life coach offer that truly spark change and fulfillment? Let’s find out! 

  1. Structured Conversations

First off, what problems do life coaches solve? The truth is, coaches don’t give therapeutic advice or offer medical diagnoses. Instead, they have structured conversations with clients to help them solve their problems. 

But do I need a life coach just for conversations? Sometimes, yes.  A common coaching principle is that the client has everything they need to reach their goals and overcome barriers – it’s just hidden within. 

A life coach has one-on-one conversations with clients to bring out their truth. In many ways, the conversation resembles one you’d have with a friend. The client speaks freely about their life, goals, and issues. 

The difference? The best life coach uses proven strategies to draw out pertinent insights from the conversation. One strategy is to ask the right questions

  • What does success look like to you? You’d be surprised how much this answer changes for different people. 
  • If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? I love this question because it’s an effective way to ground my clients when they feel overwhelmed. 
  • What matters to you most? Once they answer, I dig deeper by asking why — this encourages my clients to understand their desires and values more. 
  • What have you done to solve your problems? I like to ask this question to help clients see what is and isn’t working in their routine. 

Structured coaching conversations work similarly to meditation (which is why I include both in my program). The right questions delve past societal pressures and expectations to discover your true “why.” Meditation does the same, forcing you to sit still and observe your inner truth. 

Have you ever had an idea or vision but couldn’t articulate it? I’ve seen many clients struggle to put their dreams into words. Good thing coaches help with that, too! 

  1. Identify Your Goals and Desires

When you’re running on autopilot, your truth gets buried deep within. You complete the same routine every day, without thinking about what you’re working toward. 

My opinion? Identifying goals is one of the most valuable services life coaches offer. I’m serious — once a client realizes what would make their life worthwhile, everything changes. 

The day you uncover your goals is a great day for a life coach. It sets the stage for the rest of your work together. 

  1. Create Strategies to Reach Your Goals

Now, your goals might feel intimidating at first. But give a good life coach a dream, and they’ll uncover a path for you to get there. Getting there is your job, though! 

In one psychologist’s study on neuroscience and goals, he discusses the importance of behavior in reaching goals. One of the first steps is the focus and memory required to map out your path — individual steps to meet your goal. 

Goal planning and mapping is a fantastic life coaching service. When you see a barrier, a second perspective sees a way to overcome it. 

That same psychologist also asks an insightful question to understand barriers: 

Is it a lack of way or a lack of will?

  1. Keep You Accountable

Setting goals feels empowering because you see a carved path to what you desire. But it’s easy to fall behind, to fall back into old patterns. 

Now, what services does a life coach offer to ensure you reach your goals? 

Accountability check-ins.

I like to call these “progress” checks, where we review how far you’ve come toward your goal each week. Many of my clients find the service grounding. It’s a reminder to stay on track when you don’t have the motivation— something especially vital for business leaders. 

Considering all these services, what are the benefits of having a life coach? The most important is: 

  1. Find Peace

This is the ultimate goal for every client in a life coach’s career. 

Life coach and marketing director Gerrit Grundling puts it nicely: 

“We can help you become someone who wakes up in the morning and knows that it is going to be a good day, every day.”

Now, that’s peace. I’d go a step further and say the best life coach teaches you how to find that peace on your own, whenever you need it. That’s why I rely so much on stillness in my coaching program – it’s accessible to everyone. 

Experience True Fulfillment with Life Coaching!

Every route toward self-fulfillment takes time, money, and energy. What services does a life coach offer to make the process worth it? 

  • Structured conversations
  • Goal identification
  • Strategies and goal planning
  • Accountability
  • Peace

If you’re like me and value peace above the rest, you’ll love my individual and group coaching programs. Together, we’ll use meditation to bring you closer to self-awareness and success. 

You’re ready. Let’s chat about your next steps for a tailored life coaching program!

“Peace does not dwell in outward things, but within the soul.”  – François Fénelon

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