Why Do I Need a Personal Life Coach? | 5 Situations a Life Coach Helps You Overcome

You’re scrolling through social media and notice some ads for life coaches. Turns out your phone took note when you Googled “ways to find meaning” or “how to stay accountable.” But you wonder: Why do I need a personal life coach? Surely I can figure it out on my own.

Fair enough. If you’re making strides toward your goals, you might not need a life coach. But goal attainment isn’t life coaching’s only return on investment. Besides reaching goals…

“What are the benefits of having a personal coach?” 

Finding stillness, happiness, and confidence are a few that come to mind. Every client of mine asked me in the beginning, “Is it worth it to get a life coach?” For most, the answer was an undeniable yes. For some, therapy was a more prudent option. 

But if you’re seeing ads for a “life coach near me,” we may as well explore what’s behind it!

Keep reading to learn five ways you can benefit from a life coach. 

5 Situations a Life Coach Helps You With

Life coaches won’t be the cure for everything. But what problems do life coaches solve? Let’s touch upon a few reasons you could benefit from a life coach. 

  1. You Struggle to Reach Your Goals

Maybe you have a vision of your ideal life, but you can’t put the work in motion to achieve it. All your obligations take up enough energy, leaving you too depleted to plan your future

“I don’t have time.”

“I’ll start next year.”

“I just need to finish this (insert project) first.”

Even if any of these sound familiar, you still might wonder: do I need a life coach to tell me how to make progress? 

What I love about my life coaching career is the mix of emotional support with practicality. Every session moves you closer toward your goals by following a carefully tailored plan for success. 

It makes a huge difference to have someone with you when mapping out your goals. In our sessions, we’ll identify: 

  • Strengths
  • Harmful patterns and behaviors holding you back  
  • Support systems
  • Timelines
  • Specific goals
  • Plans for action

Accountability is vital to reach your goals. Trust me; you have the time, especially if you can hire an online life coach

But you might need a little inner fire to get there. 

  1. You Lack Confidence

Do you ever downplay your success? Or make self-deprecating jokes? You’re not the only one — millions of Americans report having low self-esteem

A lack of confidence opens a can of worms in your work, relationships, and parenting. So, why would someone need a life coach for something so personal? 

One medical study found that life coaches help improve self-esteem, especially when paired with medical intervention like therapy. 

One of the best parts of my life coaching career is watching my clients become more confident every day as they come to realize their true potential! I especially love seeing it in my group sessions, where clients notice results and share them with their peers. 

  1. You’re Undergoing a Big Transition

New relationship? School? Child? These are only a few of the countless transitions we face in life. And during transition, it’s normal to feel disrupted. 

One study found that life transitions like having a child or moving in with a partner were linked to lower levels of physical activity. Another study found that employees undergoing changes that affect their sense of self were more prone to stress

Bottom line? Change is a big deal, and it’s absolutely OK to need support. So, why do I need a personal life coach to deal with change? 

Most life coaches assist with transitions, but there are also dedicated transitional life coaches specifically experienced in helping people adapt to change. 

They help you stay grounded amidst the chaos, offering an opportunity to re-center yourself each week.

I sometimes struggle to harmonize life’s many changes, but meditation helps me feel balanced. That’s why I incorporate it into every one of my coaching sessions.

Unfortunately, big life changes might also lead us to procrastinate. 

  1. You Always Procrastinate

Think of your long-term to-do list for a moment. Do you recoil a bit when something pops up that you’ve put off for months? Don’t worry — we’re all guilty of this. That’s why medical experts have spent lots of time and money studying how procrastination works. 

One group of psychologists describes procrastination as irrational behavior. Why? Because we know we’re actively putting ourselves at a disadvantage. The habit is so widespread that it’s not just work we’re procrastinating — people even put off medical intervention to the point where treatment is no longer viable. 

But that same group of psychologists found two significant ways to mitigate procrastination:

  • Realize intentions: Prevents negative behavior that comes with procrastination. 
  • Start early: Brings motivation. Even if you stop your task, the early action will make you feel motivated to re-engage. 

Still, both are easier said than done. How do you realize intentions when you’re feeling lost? And how do you start when you’re feeling unmotivated?

You can mitigate procrastination with a life coach. 

A life coach will motivate you by keeping you accountable and acting as your personal cheerleader throughout your journey. 

As for your intentions? That comes with figuring out what brings you meaning.

  1. You Feel Like Your Life Lacks Meaning

The best life coach knows how to listen actively. In your initial sessions, they’ll ask you many questions like:

  • What is your daily routine?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Where do you want to be in the next year or five years?
  • What is your favorite and least favorite part about your professional life?
  • What makes you feel calm or happy?

These are just a few questions I ask in my individual coaching sessions. I schedule an intensive 6-hour session where we let everything out. I’ll ask you about your life and schedule, and we’ll work together to find answers you haven’t seen yet. 

When you take the time to look inwards, magic happens. We’ll uncover two different purposes— the one you’ve been pressured to work toward and the one you deeply desire. 

Experience Bliss, Confidence, and Purpose with Life Coaching!

So, why do I need a personal life coach in life? To feel:

  • Confident and in control
  • Organized and on-track
  • Accomplished and accountable
  • Satisfied and aligned

Choose life coaching with me and you’ll also add stillness to the mix. If you’re struggling through a life transition, stagnancy, or lack of alignment — I’d be honored to support you. Explore my group coaching and individual coaching offerings. Contact me today!

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” –Misty Copeland


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