How to Be Successful in Life: 3 Proven Ways to Unlock Ultimate Success

Wondering how to be successful in life? Is success a huge salary or notoriety? Or is it simpler, rooted in the deep peace that comes from being fulfilled and content?

Imagine you’re sitting at home after a long workday. Despite getting so many tasks done, you can’t help but feel unsatisfied. Your bank account is steady, your family’s happy, but what’s missing? The grind seems to have no end, but you don’t feel like there’s much to show for it. Here’s the problem: you might be successful according to someone else’s terms, but not your own.

I know what that feels like. I’ve worked in the finance and wealth industries for a long time, but up until the last few years, I hadn’t learned how to be successful in life on my own terms. I kept asking myself, “what are the steps for success in life?” and felt frustrated when I couldn’t find the answers.

Now, I know there are many ways to be successful, but stillness propels every single one of them. I talk about this a lot in my Stillness to Success Course.

But life is busy, and you might want to know how to be successful right now. That’s why I’m going to share a few steps you can take to feel accomplished and confident in your actions. You’ll soon learn that the keys to success are right in front of you, and you can access them at any time, one breath at a time.

3 Keys to Success in Life

Stillness is at the core of everything you need to find success in life. Let’s get started: what 3 things do you need to be successful?

1.   Give it Your Full Commitment

The answer for how to be successful in life is within you but may feel out of reach. Do you find yourself at a standstill, unable to experience the fulfillment you desperately want in life? Maybe you have dreams about moving from a salaried police officer job and starting your own private security firm.

Consider this: how do you think your life would look if you committed yourself 100% to your goals? That means chipping away at them at least for one or two hours, every day. Are you spending some time each day sourcing new clients? Researching the private security industry? Following up on network opportunities? Taking action every day will move closer to your goal — those small steps teach you how to be successful in life.

If you lack this commitment, you will struggle to experience your version of success.

Leadership Anthropologist Ron McIntyre describes the power of commitment and its influence on our thoughts, actions, and impressions on people. He sees every accomplishment as a result of commitment. And if you’re really committed? Giving up isn’t an option. You will find a way through any obstacles before you.

Commitment is a lesson that I learned from committing to making it a lifestyle. I meditate for twenty minutes every morning, but in the beginning, I didn’t always want to. It took discipline and respect for the commitment I made to continue my routine. The result? I get to experience the benefits of stillness every day! I felt more fulfilled, purpose-driven, and aligned with my inner voice.

But the benefits don’t come easily — success doesn’t come without challenges, which brings us to the next key to success.

2.   Challenge Yourself

One important step in learning how to become successful is to become comfortable with challenges.

You’ve finished a 3-day shift patrolling and investigating, and now you have two days off. How will you spend them? You’re exhausted and want nothing more than to just go on a weekend getaway with your spouse or spend the next couple of days watching Yellowstone (so good, right?).

I believe we need to recharge to feel rested and ready to tackle the next day. So, take some time to rest. But after that, instead of spending your time off how you usually do, challenge yourself.

Go to a nice restaurant and chat with the private security representative at the door. Or host a dinner with a few of your colleagues to access your network. Do they have any connections to help you break into the private security industry?

You might find it intimidating to work on your goals on your only days off, or to actively seek out information when you’re not that extraverted. Challenge yourself and try to look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Learning how to be successful in life requires challenging yourself to break out of the norm.

As described by health experts Wilby and Whitfield, people that see challenges as opportunities are mentally strong, able to endure setbacks with resilience.

Here’s one way you can try to challenge yourself: sit still for 20 minutes without distraction! In the beginning, trust me, it’ll be challenging. But you’ll soon find it easier to meditate every time you challenge yourself enough to try.

Even on the days when meditation is hardest, I like to embrace curiosity amidst the challenge. I ask myself what’s holding me back today and try to overcome it anyway. The power of stillness becomes that much more satisfying.

3.   Remember Your Passions

On your quest for learning how to be successful in life, remember why you’re on this journey. Your passions make you human and give meaning to every late night you spend working towards your goals.

Why do you want to become a private security provider? You’re passionate about keeping your family safe and want to share that service with others. When we get lost in the grind, we tend to lose sight of our purpose and what drives our actions.

A great way to remind yourself of your passions is to take a pause and meditate. Slow everything down before you go into autopilot. Set aside some time to practice stillness (or learning how to in this guide). You’ll force yourself to quiet the noise of everything around you and let your inner voice speak.

I’m able to see my true values and desires much more clearly after a meditation session.

How to be Successful in Life: Start with Stillness!

Success is hard work, but it isn’t impossible. Use the tips I shared about how to be successful in life to unlock your true purpose. Commit yourself to your goals and take action every day in small ways to get closer to your goals. But when we learn how to find stillness, (one of the most vital keys to success) the discipline and commitment needed for success come easier.


Nothing gives me greater joy than helping my clients find their path to success (okay, maybe sailing comes first, but that’s it, promise!) That’s why I’m thrilled for you to check out my Stillness to Success Course. I just know that it’ll give you the tools to experience the success you crave.


And if you’re not ready to sign up yet, don’t worry. Connect with me over email; I’d love to get to know you and learn about what you need to get started on your path to success. In the meantime, browse the blog for more tips on stillness and success.


I’ll leave you with a quote by Winston Churchill that I feel captures the journey to success:

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

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