Giving Up is Not an Option: 3 Ways Stillness Keeps You on Track Towards Your Dreams

Do you ever feel like your dreams are too big to prioritize? You might plan to complete a few marketing tasks for your new business each week or spend time researching scuba diving classes to get your license. And you might make some progress for a couple of weeks. But that progress starts to dwindle — work is too busy, errands take up your evenings and weekends, and you can’t find the time for your dreams. It falls to the bottom of the list of life’s obligations. But giving up is not an option.

You might think to yourself: I’m tired and want to give up. Time and time again, your dreams take the back seat.

Trust me; I’ve experienced this, too. I’ve delayed and made excuses for why I couldn’t start writing my book, why I had no time to visualize my Stillness to Success Course, and why I didn’t spend more time sailing, an activity that brings me mental clarity and joy. I’ve also seen clients rationalize giving up and their shock once they realize how much it hurts them.

Through meditation and practicing stillness, I learned the power of not giving up. To feel at peace and satisfied with my life, I learned to never give up on the things that truly matter to me.

But how do I motivate myself to not give up? I’m going to help you see that giving up is not an option when it comes to your dreams.

I’ll explain a few reasons why people tend to give up on their dreams, what you should give up instead of your dreams, and three ways stillness can help you resist the urge to give up.

Why Do People Give Up on Their Dreams?

“Never give up” is easier said than done. Intending to follow your dreams is very different from the discipline, planning, and action it takes to stay on track. People give up on their dreams for all sorts of reasons:


  • Lack of discipline: Many people today can’t tolerate being uncomfortable. Discipline takes hard work, accountability, and a clear picture of how today’s work contributes to the overall goal. All too often, I see people give up when progress seems slow, as they wonder: “How do you stay motivated when nothing is happening?”
  • Fear of judgment: Your dreams might not align with what your parents, colleagues, family, or friends expect of you.
  • Distractions: These offer an escape from stress, work, and everything uncomfortable. But distractions are also time warps, chewing up all the time you need to manifest your dreams.
  • They don’t know what their dreams are: If you sit still for a few minutes and ask yourself, “what do I really want,” you might not know the answer. Modern society’s noise often clouds our inner truth.


It’s easier to give up than fight all the above obstacles standing in the way of your dreams. Funny enough, it’s also easier to give up on meditation because all the above hinder you from finding stillness.

But stillness is vital in helping you to never give up.

3 Ways Stillness Helps You Never Give Up on Your Dreams

If you need some encouragement to never give up on your dreams, stillness is here to help. Here are a few ways stillness helps you resist the urge to give up:

  1. You understand yourself and your dreams: If you shut out the world’s noise — phone notifications, opinions, social media, the news — what are you left with? Your inner voice that’s struggling to speak amidst all the noise. When you achieve stillness, you give your inner voice a platform to show you who you are and what you want out of life. In turn, you’ll visualize your dreams and work toward them.


  1. You become more disciplined: Try sitting still for 20 minutes every day. At first, it’s not easy. Distractions and racing thoughts try to come between you and stillness. But the more you practice stillness every day, the easier it becomes to achieve the mental clarity and peace you need to achieve your dreams. You begin to see how your discipline takes you to where you want to go.


  1. You feel better about yourself: One of the incredible benefits of stillness is that you learn to let go of what no longer serves you. The faster you learn to let go, the freer, clearer, and happier you’ll feel. When you feel better about yourself, you’ll feel less inclined to give up on your dreams and more motivated to achieve them.


Sounds great, but how do I power my meditation to reap these benefits? Don’t worry! I have a great free resource for you to get started with meditation: head to my Ultimate Guide to Stillness.

But what if your dreams aren’t serving you anymore?

Giving Up Is Not an Option, Right?

Many people wonder: at what age should you give up on your dreams? Giving up is never an option when it comes to your dreams. But it is an option for the things that no longer serve you, no matter how old you are.

I invite you to give up anything that makes you feel like you can’t reach your dreams.

Here are a few scenarios when giving up is the only option:


  • Toxic relationships that drain you and leave you depleted
  • Occupations or hobbies that lack meaning or fulfillment
  • When you’ve given every effort to a goal and haven’t seen any result, even small ones, over time


Most of us must gauge how important our dreams are to us, which isn’t always easy. What is the importance of never giving up in the greater context of life?

Never Give Up on Your Dreams, and You’ll Find True Happiness

If you never give up on your dreams, you’ll likely reach them most of the time. There are 100 reasons not to give up, but I’ll leave you with three important ones.

With some motivation, and the power of not giving up, you’ll get closer to your dreams, feel better mentally, become more self-aware, and feel more fulfilled in life.

I emphasize the importance of not giving up to my clients when leading my Stillness to Success course. It’s hard, inner work that can sometimes be draining, but I promise that consistency will pay off. The course helps you find the stillness required to understand yourself more and build a concrete action plan to reach your dreams.

How do I stop giving up? By achieving stillness, which starts with a regular meditation practice. If you need help getting started, check out the blog for inspiration, or contact me for a coaching session.


Wherever you want to go, I’m ready to help you get there!


As ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said:


“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

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