How Can I Get Stillness in My Life? Aligning the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Do you ever feel misaligned in life? Like your mind tells you one thing, but your body says another. I’ve been there. In the past, I convinced myself I was doing the “right” things in life. My thoughts repeated this made-up reality, but my spirit felt unsettled; my body felt tense.

I wasn’t asking myself the right questions: how can I get stillness in my life and align my mind, body, and spirit? How can I achieve a harmonious balance?

Our bodies are mighty – they signal us when something is wrong, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Meditation helped me become more in-tune with the many clues my body and spirit gave me to figure out what I truly wanted.

Now, I teach many people how to listen to those clues in the best way I can: stillness through meditation. The result? Success in every way, from relationships and friendships to business and professional accomplishments.

I genuinely believe that alignment of the mind, body, and spirit will soar you into delightful, gratifying stillness, and you’ll reap all the benefits. But what’s the secret to finding stillness? Read on to find out.

How Can I Get Stillness in My Life?

Your path towards stillness requires aligning your mind, body, and spirit. These are the integral parts of what makes us human. Where do you find stillness? Start with quieting your mind.

Find Stillness of the Mind

The best way to find mental stillness is through meditation. Below I’ll walk you through the ways it can help you.

Find Your Breath

Psychologists confirm that breath control and deep breathing bring us to a meditative state, promoting better psychological well-being. In other words? Sweet, glorious stillness.

Start with deep belly breaths through your nose and whooshed out through the mouth. Get used to the cycle so that it’s the only thing you hear and focus on. After a while, your breath should find a natural rhythm. Maintain your awareness and let it guide you towards internal stillness.

But your thoughts might interrupt that steady breath. How can I get stillness in my life amidst troubling thoughts?

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Meditation isn’t forgetting – it’s acknowledging, but with control. How do you get a still mind when your thoughts are racing?

When you meditate, you’re not supposed to ignore your thoughts and emotions. They’re part of you, and you should honor them without giving them the wheel. Say hello to each thought and let them pass as you get deeper into your meditation.

Empty Your Mind

Do you have trouble letting your thoughts pass through meditation? Maybe there’s so much in your head that you need to cleanse it before returning to your practice. I know what you’re thinking: How can I get stillness in my life if I can’t even get through one meditation session?

Here are a couple of ways to empty your mind and relieve the pressure of your thoughts and emotions:

  • Journaling: Researchers found that writing down your thoughts positively affects emotional turbulence and anxiety. Write down everything weighing you down – a stressful experience or interaction, concerns about the future, feelings towards people around you. Get it on paper so you can begin to let it go.


  • Therapy: Imagine the confidentiality of journaling with the warmth of human interaction. Therapy is a great way to empty your mind without fear of judgment and in a safe space.


  • Social Interaction: If therapy isn’t the right option for you, consider planning a social interaction with a loved one you trust. Go for lunch, have a coffee, or walk through a forest. Catch up and share your feelings with them.


Quieting the mind is the first answer to your question: how can I get stillness in my life? What’s next?

Find Stillness in the Body

Have you felt stressed out lately? We discussed some ways to still the mind, but I’ll bet that your mental struggle has passed onto your body without realizing it. The American Psychological Association describes the effects of stress on every single one of our body systems:

  • Bloating, cramps, and heartburn in the gastrointestinal system
  • High blood pressure and circulatory inflammation in the cardiovascular system
  • Shortness of breath in the respiratory system
  • Muscle tension in the musculoskeletal system

What’s the consequence of mental unrest and stress? According to neuroscientists: pathological conditions, disorders, and diseases.

Meditation and a few simple exercises can help.

Body Scans

A body scan is one of my favorite ways to begin a meditation. But they can also help at the office, at home, or a social gathering.

  • Close your eyes and focus your attention on each part of your body.
  • Start from my toes and work your way up.
  • Think about your toes and feet. Do you notice any tension? Maybe give them a stretch.
  • Look for more tension as you move up your body and find slight movements that feel good.

We tend to hold a lot of tension in our jaws, hands, hips, neck, and shoulders. Imagine an unlocking feeling as you try to relax each body part.

How do you feel? Maybe you still feel some tenderness in your shoulders, but we can fix that with better posture.


Did you know poor posture can inhibit easy breathing? The tension you hold in your neck and shoulders puts pressure on your spine, putting pressure on your airways. Poor posture can also cause chronic back pain.

Bottom line? Your posture can make or break stillness in the body.

Physical therapist Wendy Katzman recommends enhancing postural awareness with this exercise:

  • Stand against a wall while maintaining alignment with your head, shoulders, ribs, and sacrum.
  • Keep your spine upright with deep diaphragmatic (deep) breathing.

As you become more aware of what spinal alignment feels like, you’ll be more inclined to adjust on your own. Yoga is also great for promoting better posture.

Remember, everything is connected. Bodywork will contribute to better mental wellness as well. Now, how can I quiet the mind through my body?

Physical Exercise

You don’t need me to tell you the benefits of physical exercise. I recently started a few days of vacation with an incredible workout – my body and mind felt terrific. Don’t worry; I’m not perfect either. Sometimes I fall off, but it’s about picking yourself back up.

Make it personal and choose physical activity you enjoy, such as:

  • Walking in the park
  • Deep cleaning your home
  • Playing with your kids or pets
  • Hiking

How can I get stillness in my life — beyond mental quiet? Great question.

Amplify your Spirit

Stillness of the mind and body quiets the world around you. With that deep silence, you’re more receptive to the sound of your inner voice. Listen to it. If you’re struggling to hear it, go back to your breath. Close your eyes. Silence the distractions around you and quiet mental chatter.

What does your spirit say about your:


  • Dreams and desires
  • Goals
  • Vision for life and purpose
  • Fears


These are essential questions to answer. Write them down. Put them on your wall. Let them steward you on your path toward your most extraordinary vision for your life.

Your spirit gives you vital knowledge within you that’s been stifled. What happens when we un-stifle it with stillness? You soar.

Align the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Stillness

I feel fortunate to find stillness through so many different avenues. Meditative breathing, postural awareness, physical exercise, and journaling are all great ways to cultivate stillness as a lifestyle.

But you might wonder: how can I get stillness in my life and maintain it? The secret is in the alignment of mind, body, and spirit. The three entities work together to balance you into still equilibrium.

If you need a nudge harmonizing the mind, body, spirit connection, enroll in my Stillness to Success Course, where I help people learn how to practice stillness so they can live life on their terms. Then, I help them find tangible ways to align their mind, body, and spirit and move towards tremendous success in life.


Stillness and alignment are within your grasp. Take a deep breath and open yourself to it.


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