Ken Kladouris Announces Launch of Stillness to Success Empowerment Course

Following the success of his book, “Get There!”, entrepreneur Ken Kladouris has developed his first online self-improvement course and is now accepting pre-registrations

Ken Kladouris, a respected wealth advisor and leader in the self-mastery movement, has developed an online course entitled “Stillness to Success.” The online course will include a series of lessons that are broken out into consecutive modules – each of which begins with a breathing exercise to help individuals become present before they embark on their curriculum.

Kladouris compiled this course with practical and impactful lessons he extracted from years of his own self-study with a spin that is fresh and relevant to the 2021 world we are all experiencing. Those who participate in the course can expect to complete it feeling more empowered and better equipped to navigate their personal and professional day to day decision making.

Pre-registration is now open and interested applicants can register HERE for free updates on the course launch which is slated for mid-May 2021.

“My goal is to provide a valuable resource for individuals who are ready to create real change in their lives. The tools provided in Stillness to Success will help men and women embark on a bold new journey within – which is where change is meant to be most impactful.”–Ken Kladouris

About Ken Kladouris:
Ken Kladouris is an esteemed wealth advisor and published author who believes you should be living your life, by design. He is an active Partner and current President at Platinum Wealth Group and holds Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 3, 7, 24, 31 and 66 Registrations. Additionally, he holds a California Life and Health Insurance License. His first book, “Get There!” was developed as a tool that helps individuals discover the clarity they need to design their financial future. This resource was compiled following Kladouris’ own awakening. Becoming aligned with his “why”, he recognized his true purpose was to assist men and women across the globe in their pursuit of achieving enhanced joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Source: Yahoo Money

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